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What is the standoffs?

Publish Date 2010-11-06
What is the standoffs? Pressure rivet nuts column say again pressure riveting luozhu or nut column, is applied in sheet metal, tiles, case, cabinet of a kind of fasteners, pressure rivet nuts column its appearance is hexagonal, another end end for cylindrical, hexagonal cylindrical edges among a recede cutter groove, which form is threaded through press will hex head pressure into the preset hole plate (preset hole aperture of general slightly higher than the pressure riveting luozhu column outside diameter) make holes in the peripheral produce plastic deformation, deformation was partly rivet nuts boffins pressure columns recede cutter groove, makes the rivet nuts column riveting tight in thin thin plate, which formed on the effective fixed threaded.
Pressure rivet nuts column from the material and threaded formally divided into fast cutting steel through-hole pressure rivet nuts column SO type, stainless steel through-hole pressure rivet nuts column SOS type, fast cutting steel blind hole pressure rivet nuts column BSO type and stainless steel blind hole pressure rivet nuts column BSOS type 4 kinds, respectively applied in different using environment.
Pressure rivet nuts column without specific national standards, early producers from America, is introduced domestic has gradually formed today after the industry standard. Domestic producers mostly from jiangsu suzhou and guangdong dongguan and other regions.
Pressure rivet nuts column advantages:
SO (SOS) since riveting type through-hole nut column, widely applied in the metal plate, control box and power of products such as ark of wall plate enchase craft. The particularity of its structure, assembling, just putting nut column in metal plate hole, with "pressure riveting" homework realization, has the following advantages:
1, realized the distance range of length guarantee, greatly simplifying the assembly process, and accelerate fabricated spacing panel and accessories production schedule, ;
2, plate back kept completely embedded flat and assure the nut stigma department and plank plane smooth,
3, raw materials used in free cutting iron or free cutting stainless steel;
Pressure rivet nuts column applied technical guidelines:
1, selection of nut column, must according to the thickness of plank, indeed size range, low carbon steel plate hardness must be smaller than 70RB, stainless steel plate hardness must be smaller than 80RB.
2, easy cutting iron surface processing, the stainless steel keep unbleached, users can according to need according to table in type specification order, also may according to need special custom-made.
3, plank hole dimensios must 0.075 mm 0 + according to carry on the processing, the tolerance of size suggestion punching.
4, installation must pass "pressure riveting" homework realization, cut cannot impact type.
5, materials selecting stainless steel, the tail number with "S" indicate.
6, nut column face for straight grain tooth with "C" said.
7, through-hole nut column length is full 10mm below 10mm wire in more hex tip-to-face square (Ⅰ type) or circular tip-to-face aspects reaming (Ⅱ type)
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What is the standoffs?
What is the standoffs?

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