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What is floating nut?

Publish Date 2010-11-06
What is floating nut? Shenzhen fotsbon metal Co., LTD is specialized in producing floating nut http://www.fotsbon.com/Products_show.asp? Piece = 374 & id = 1214 & flag = 0 floating nut is applied in thin or sheet metal on a combination of nut, appearance assumes the circular, enchase inside a nut, combined float. Shell side with embossed ChiJi guide gibs. Its principle is pressed into the sheet metal gear by pressing the preset hole, general and fang preset hole aperture of rivet nuts slightly less than pressure embossing teeth, through the pressure to float nut pinking boffins board inside that lead to hole peripheral produce plastic deformation, deformation thing is prior to guide gibs, resulting in a lock effect. Installation method with pressure rivet nuts. But production technology is more complex, requiring a automatic lathe first two elements, then respectively machining milling mill out with small punch, and finally quadrilateral combined.
Floating nuts from the material into fast cutting steel AS LAS type, stainless steel AC LAC type, From nut whether self-locking into self-locking nut LAC, LAS type or non-locking nut AC, AS type. Should be in different use respectively ring environment. Specifications from M3 to M6 is usually from.
Floating nut no unified national standards, the earliest floating nuts from the U.S. producers of China after the introduction of PEM, gradually formed by now, the industry standard chassis cabinet, sheet metal industry is acceptable.
Floating nut application technology guidelines:
1, AS, LAS series floating nuts are free cutting iron, via after heat-treatment performance processing, AC LAC series floating nuts are easy to free cutting steel, surface treatment.
2, is suitable for various thickness of plank, minimum thickness 0.8 mm, when using, must according to plank thickness and nut specifications to determine whether A size corresponding tail number Z, users according to plank thickness according to table tail number selection orders,
3, low carbon steel plate hardness must be smaller than 70RB, stainless steel plate hardness must be smaller than 80RB.
4, according to the aperture size to be precise control, press 0 + 0.075 mm tolerances size machining and preferably punching, nut pornography should plank "disconnect" surface installation.

What is floating nut?
What is floating nut?

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